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Certified Education CNC Training

With the current trend of reshoring coupled with the ongoing problem of a shortage of skilled workers, the need to train future machinists is paramount to fill growing gaps in the domestic work force. A new employee needs to be productive right out of the gate and run their machine with minimum supervision.

However, the reality is that manufacturing is running very lean and there are few training resources available. Since the desired outcome is to have a worker that can setup and run a CNC machine effectively, it makes sense that the bulk of the education provides the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience. Community and technical colleges and vocational schools are convenient and economical sources for students to get the training they need.

As the leading CNC manufacturer in the industry with the largest installed base, students are most likely going to be using a FANUC CNC when they enter the workforce. So, it only makes sense that they are taught on FANUC CNCs in school. As a result, FANUC is engaging with the educational community to assist them in providing the best possible training to ensure that the students have the skills required by industry.

After consulting with education experts, FANUC America has created a new FANUC CNC Education Certification Training program focusing on making sure that students that qualify have learned suitable skills from a FANUC certified instructor, teaching a FANUC approved curriculum, and using genuine FANUC CNC equipment. For a basic CNC G-code class, NCGuide Academic Packages may be sufficient, but for hands-on lathe and machining center courses, more than 50% of their shop work must be completed using machines with a FANUC CNC.

FANUC has produced NCGuide Academic Packages that provide our very latest CNC technology running on a PC. Students can gain experience with the most popular 0i-Model D control that is available on a wide range of commodity milling and turning machines and with the advanced 31i-Model B controls provided on the worlds most advanced machine tools.

The instructor can use a PC projector to demonstrate CNC operation and programming to the whole classroom more effectively than using a hardware simulator or a machine. They can also use it for CNC demonstrations over the internet in distance learning classes. NCGuide Academic Packages are valued priced for education and there are grants available for those that want to integrate FANUC into their programs.

FANUC is also working with machine tool builders to take a marketing approach to education machine sales. Rather than negotiate each machine sale individually, we are working to establish a standard education discount to reduce the cost significantly. We are also working with some machine tool builders to provide education-friendly versions of their products.


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