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We provide the best technical training in the industry with courses in our interactive CNC training center and cities across the U.S.  Technical training will help your employees set up, configure and troubleshoot more efficiently, decreasing downtime and increasing productivity.


Seats are still available for these courses:

  • FS-16i/18i/0iC G-Code Programming, Charlotte, June 3-6

Courses already filled to capacity:

  • CNC Elementary Maintenance, Chicago, May 5-8
  • FS-30i/31i/32i/0iD PMC & Ladder Maintenance, Charlotte, May 6-9
  • FS-30i/31i/32i/0iD G-Code Programming, Charlotte, May 13-16
  • FS-16iB/18iB/21iB/0iC Comprehensive Maintenance, Chicago, May 19-22
  • FS-30i/31i/32i MODEL A/B Comprehensive Maintenance, Atlanta, May 20-23
  • CNC Elementary Maintenance, Cincinnati, June 3-6
  • Custom Macro B Programming, Charlotte, June 10-13
  • FS-30i/31i/32i MODEL A/B Comprehensive Maintenance, Chicago, June 23-26
  • FS-16iB/18iB/21iB/0iC Comprehensive Maintenance, Chicago, July 21-24
  • FS-16iB/18iB/21iB/0iC Comprehensive Maintenance, Charlotte, September 30-October 3

Maintenance training

We offer three levels of maintenance training to meet your needs:

  • Level I - Fundamentals of CNCs and factory automation
    • CNC elementary maintenance
  • Level II - CNC comprehensive maintenance
    • FANUC Series 30i / 31i /32i MODEL A/B
    • FANUC Series 16i / 18i / 21i MODEL B
    • FANUC Series 0i MODEL D
  • Level III - Advanced maintenance
    • Control specific advanced CNC
    • FANUC Series 30i / 31i / 32i / 0iD PMC and ladder
    • FANUC Series 16i / 18i / 0iC PMC and ladder
    • ALPHA i servo
    • C02 laser

Programming training

We offer two levels of  programming training:

  • Level I - CNC programming
    • FANUC Series 30i / 31i / 32i / 0iD G-code programming & operation
    • FANUC Series 16iB / 18iB / 21iB / 0iC G-code programming & operation
    • MANUAL GUIDE i programming
  • Level II - CNC comprehensive programming
    • FANUC Custom Macro B programming

Hands-on learning

Limited course size offers the opportunity for hands-on learning and individualized attention, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Courses include customized training manuals and the use of simulation equipment to enhance the learning experience.

Quality instruction

Our expert instructors offer over 40 years of combined experience in technical instruction, the CNC industry and field service. Each instructor has received factory training at FANUC Corporation.

Corporate training center

Convenient training center located on 96 acres just northwest of Chicago, the FANUC America CNC main office in Chicago includes natural prairie land, a nature walk and a peaceful water garden. Our Chicago location offers easy access to and from O’Hare airport, lodging, and dining options.

Training Center features include:

  • Comfortable classrooms
  • Internet access available through computer terminals and WiFi
  • Fully equipped lunchroom, with lunch provided each class day

On-site and/or customized classes

We can come to you! Any of our courses can be brought directly to your facility.


Contact the training department

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