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Series 0i CNC

With over 700,000 systems installed, the Series 0/0i is the world’s most popular CNC model. The latest, most powerful Series 0i-D is designed for  commodity machines that demand the ultimate in reliability, performance, connectivity and safety. The Series 0i-D provides over 200 high-value features in the standard configuration.

It features 32-year MTBF and superior diagnostic tools for a low MTTR. Performance, accuracy, surface finish and reliability are optimized with high-performance hardware and innovative software.

A wide range of industry-standard protocols are supported for low-cost and flexible integration with manufacturing and business systems, including Ethernet, FTP, DeviceNet and Profibus. Dual check safety is fully supported.

Over 200 high-value features

The Series 0i-TD and Series 0i-MD are value packaged with over 200 high-value features including nano interpolation, embedded Ethernet, extended and background editing, Custom Macro with additional variables, high-speed skip, thread cutting, rigid tapping, feed-per-rev programming, tool radius compensation, tool management and multi-language display with dynamic switching. The 0i-TD also includes polar coordinate interpolation, multi-threading, thread cutting retract, continuous threading, variable lead threading, Advanced Preview Control, multiple repetitive cycles, tool geometry and wear compensation. The 0i-MD also includes helical interpolation, AI Advanced Preview Control, canned cycles for drilling, scaling, 400 tool offset pairs and 48 workpiece coordinate offset pairs.

Available on the world‘s best-in-class machine tools

Available on the world’s leading machine tools including lathes, machining centers, grinders, punch presses and routers.

Ultimate resolution and precision for quality machining

The CNC and drive system executes at a nanometer resolution all the way down to the 16-million count encoders for the maximum precision and the smoothest contoured surface finish quality.

High-speed machining for quality and reduced cycle times

Advanced software algorithms analyze part geometries and machine capabilities and adjust trajectories and feedrates to provide the smoothest tool paths for the highest processing speed at the specified precision.

Simple operation for maximum productivity

Operators with previous FANUC experience can use their existing skills as they learn new techniques, and existing part programs will run smoothly with little or no modification.

Connectivity for today’s high-tech manufacturing

The 100-MBit Ethernet interface integrates the CNC into a network for high-speed part program transfers and the collection of process related data. It also supports remote troubleshooting from the maintenance department or a machine tool builder anywhere around the world. Because the Ethernet port does not use a public operating system, it is practically “hacker-free” and virus immune.

High reliability and easy maintenance

Reliable hardware with clear diagnostics provides a stable platform for maximum machine availability. With a mean-time-between-failure of 32-years, and a 25-year replacement part availability and support commitment*, FANUC controls provide machine availability that far exceeds any competitor.

Powerful simulation tools

Simulation of CNC operation, part programming and maintenance screens for effective training of operators, part programmers, maintenance engineers and technicians in a safe environment.

Customer specific solutions

Unique solutions may be realized using powerful programming languages, user interface development tools, real-time macros and PC functionality. Series 0i-D CNCs may connect with the Automotive HMI, Windows compatible PCs, or rugged, diskless Windows CE.NET operator interfaces.


*When a FANUC CNC system is out of production, we strive to have replacement parts for 25 years.  Replacement parts are available for purchase or through extended service contracts.  If and when parts are no longer available due to discontinued component manufacturing, we offer repair and reuse. We strive to engineer replacement parts with the same functionality, form and fit.  We offer on-site FANUC factory-trained service and support on FANUC CNCs for the lifetime of your machine.



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25-year replacement part availability and support commitment*

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