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The FANUC iPendant is a factory hardened, portable display and operation panel that can be highly customized.

It has multiple applications with the Power Motion i-MODEL A:

  • Compliment the primary display to allow the user to get close to the action in large machine applications
  • Be the primary display when the application has simple, temporary or portable display requirements

The FANUC iPendant supports all the standard Power Motion i screens for operation, programming and maintenance. A touch panel interface is available and all the keys can be customized with the transparent key sheet.

The unit can switch between MDI (manual data input) mode for data entry and editing and machine operation mode, where the keys are mapped to the PMC ladder.

The connection unit allows the iPendant to be removed for portability or security. It also allows the iPendant to communicate with the motion control system via a standard Ethernet cable.  A USB port is conveniently located on the rear of the unit.